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Our philosophy



Cyclists, turn the pedals arround the world for  a lot of reasons:


... drived by the taste and curiositytodiscovernewplaces, with the direct and immediate conctact that only the bike is able to permit so intense.


... to test themselves, on the technical routes, climbing and descending the mountains and forest trails, to move a little further, and redefineitslimits.


... living moments of aggregation with friends (sometimes with "unknown friends") who know, at that time, pedaling at us towards the same goal. Sharingthesamepassion, able to making near another cyclist who, without words, understand our feelings.


... Follow thechallengedesire (with himself till the rest of the world) in the chill of fall down "brakeless" from the top of the mountains afford the luxury of some "Trics" between a jump and up.


... who loves, simply, toturnaround, betweendistrictsandhills, to explore the tastes and traditions that lodge in the area.


Whatever the reason that drive your pedals, remember the spirit that guides the pilgrims on the  Santiago de Compostela Way,


"... not the real prize is the goal, but the street you follow for ..."