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Rules book

  • Every BiKeR undertakes to respect nature, and rules of international conduct, N.O.R.B.A.(National Off Road Bicycle Association)
  • Every BiKeR is responsible for their actions, involving third paries or to himself circumscribed(goliardia conduct, malpractice, or tortious act to their own or others safety and dignity, will not be tollerated)
  • Each tour will be covered folowing, without fail, the “Safety Rules”by MasterTeam indicated, ich time will be highlighted a different one in order to better protect BiKeRs.
  • Our tours are withoutaCompetition/Agonisticgoal, the TeamUBmajor dictat is:

“Enjoy what is around you.

Savour, fix the taste of discovery in your memories,

it will be there

every time you need to bring it back”.

  • The use of equipment for video / photo shooting is permitted only if this does not compromise the safety of bikers and escursion.
  • The use is subject to the local low( use prohibt where specifically indicated as: inside churches, military zone, archaeological digs, museums, etc.etc.)
  • Each BiKeR have the opportunity give up the tour without let know any justification(the cost of the engagement will not be reimbursed)

Under conditions of group escursions, the MasterTeam is required to lead the group until finishing the tour.

  • Any condition occurring, not specifically referred above, is subject to the MasterTeamt arbitrage.
  • UBmajor instructors are hired as escorts. They ARE NOT responsible for any errors, damage or injury caused by hikers to others or to themselves.