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About us

The UBmajorTeam, is a desire to live and share the enviroment contact pleasure.
UBmajor don't work only to drive you safe on any road, but to transmit you those feelings,
those emotions able to let you feel any street "too short".

From this idea, comes the gingle of our commitment:

"Enjoy what is around you.
Savour, fix the taste of freedom in your memories,
it will be there every time
you need to bring it back"

By several years, the UBmajorTeam guide individual and Team tours Biker oriented at all BiKers level, covering the entire national territory and routes on the continent.

Working in schools, the UBmajor instructor, have promoted an integrated a project for introduce the, no racing bicycle world, to the elementary and middle school guys and high school students.

Partnerships with municipalities, tourism agencies and I.A.T., see the UBmajor Team engaged in cross-cutting initiatives hiking spirit, mixing MounTainBike pleasure with the discovery of a medieval alleyway  and hidden corners, between paths full of charm and " micro-stories "sometimes known to few other times a voice from the elders who passed from generation to generation, told stories to the border between history and legend.

Collaboration with teachers and social workers has enabled us to conduct projects Bike Terapy with people suffering from behavioral problems and eating disorders.

Periodically structured initiatives are organized from medium to long term, such as:

-3.270 km. (Paths 37gg.) Across Western Europe. Departure from Lourdes (FR), the road to                                                      Santiago de Compostela to Fenesterre (SP), descent of up to Fatima Portugal (P)                                                    finished in Barcelona after passing through Madrid.

-550 km.Via francigena from Fidenza to Rome.
-1.200km. Trinacria Tour (Sicily island)